Stefania Loschi was born in Jordan in 1984 from an Italian-Brazilian family that made her travel the world, live in different cultures and speak foreign languages.
She immediately showed a great passion for graphic arts and architecture.

After graduating in Interior Design at the IED in Milan in 2006, she moved to London to attend a master's degree in set design at the Central Saint Martin College of Art, collaborating with MTV UK and Next London, creating sets for television shows and photo shoots.

For the following ten years she worked as an interior designer and decorator, mixing her passion for architecture, art and graphics. She collaborated with Campari, Benetton, Ermegildo Zegna, Lago Design and Casamania. In the same period of time she launched the streetwear brand MAISON DUBOSK, collecting customers all across Europe, until 2013 when she moved to Paris.

In Paris she lived in the 6th arrondissement for four years, working on interior design projects for restaurants, shops and private apartments.
At the same time she published independently "THE ANIMAL COFFEE PROJECT", a photo-graphic book about coffee.

She is the co-founder of OCRA STUDIO with Isabella Garbagnati , a design studio  based in Milano  (

photography by  Giuseppe Vaccaro